High-End Materials, Meticulous Craftsmanship,
Impeccable Service, Timeless Style...

Taji has been adding a modern and sophisticated touch to men’s fashion for the past decade. To understand Taji completely, one needs to meet the hard-working, sincere and passionate name behind the brand: Tacettin Şeker, or as he is known to his business partners, ‘Taji’. Combining fabrics of the highest  quality with the finest craftsmanship, Şeker’s formula for solid style is:

“Confidence, positive vibes and a strong personality.
And of course, a tailor which can read a person and his needs right...”

In order to provide a magnificent service for his clients, taking care of every single detail of the suits, from threads to the buttons, Şeker accepts nothing less than excellence at his boutique-stores in Istanbul and New York. Moreover, he meets clients wherever they are around the world to provide them with sartorial excellence.

“Providing the best service comes before anything else, the product will always follow. What matters most in our line of work is; doing what we do best, never compromising from our quality standards and providing the perfect service.

I never say ‘no’ to a client; I will create the necessary conditions wherever and however possible!”

Style is all about individuality according to our founder, Tacettin Şeker. At Taji, we spend time with our clients, get to know them and their needs before assisting with their unique and personal style. Your measurements, anatomy, colors, profession, taste and hobbies… Every single detail about you helps us understand who you truly are. We present you the hand-selected high quality fabrics, your personal pattern and the ideal fit. With all the personalised details such as collars, cuffs, buttons, linings; which present a wide range of options from your choice of name embroidery to the color and design of melton; we will make sure that your garments will complete your lifestyle.

“A suit defines who a man is. Style is not only about clothes and fabric, it comes from confidence. What matters most is believing in oneself. Being at peace with oneself. Being whoever you are. Nothing less or more than that...”

“There’s no such thing as ‘can’t’ in my philosophy. Even when a client asks for something that we don’t have, I will never say so. I’ll say ‘Okay’, then find or invent a way to get it done. I will always keep my word. Everything is possible in this world.”


Apart from distinguished bespoke creations, clients may enjoy the Taji quality with elegant pieces from the Private Label along with the exquisitely selected multi-brand offer, providing remarkable garments from the world's most exquisite fashion brands. The perfectly tailored and newly launched Taji Private Label, one of Taji’s essential steps to become a global brand, is produced by one of the best classic menswear manufacturers in the world in Naples, Italy. It looks and feels like bespoke as a result of the perfect craftsmanship.

The specially curated multi-brand offer is complemented by distinctive shoes and accessories collections that reinforce the strong sense of style and personality.

Reflective of a modern and innovative style, Taji keeps client satisfaction at the highest level by maintaining the excellent balance between individuality and seasonal trends.